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                 DIAMONDHEAD USA 


We are a Wholesale Supplier for Stone Tool Distributors, Stone and Concrete Restoration and Surface Prep Companies. The granite tools we stock for you include diamond blades, polishing pads,  granite and marble glue, core bits, silicon carbide grinding stones, sandpaper, marble restoration products as well as many other items. We also warehouse many items for the Concrete Industry such as metal bond diamonds, polishing pads, densifiers and more.


We are dedicated to providing top quality professional granite tools for fabrication and restoration, and we are committed to making your job easier by providing an alternative to the investment in time and money needed to import goods from various overseas locations. In addition to making your purchasing process more convenient, we also provide service and support with technical assistance so you can get the necessary products to your clients.

DIAMATRON by Diamondhead USA



DIAMATRON by Diamondhead USA,  is an ultra premium diamond tool line
designed to make the job of a stone fabricator quicker and easier. The
diamond blade line-up includes the DH50 Series , DH30 Series  and the DH10
Series. As each series gets progressively higher the blade cut quality, life
and performance increases dramatically. We only sourced the finest
ingredients and engineers to create this diamond tool line-up.  The tool
line-up includes, turbo diamond blades, tile and porcelain blades,
core bits
and more........


Diamondhead USA Is Your One Source Solution For Professional Tool Distributors, Home Improvement Centers, Surface Prep Industry and more....


 If you are in the natural stone or concrete Industry and sell tools for granite, marble or concrete, then you have come to the right site.


Contact us today to see how you can become an authorized distributor!


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